This guide is effectively a beta and is best suited for experienced modders.
It is strongly advised that new modders install everything without deviation.


This guide is very demanding on hardware.

Welcome to LOTD Plus, a Skyrim Special Edition modding guide inspired by Lexy’s Legacy of the Dragonborn Special Edition. This guide is designed to take you from a completely vanilla Skyrim experience to a fully modded game in all facets.

This guide will take time to install and require quite a bit of space (approximately 150GB not including Skyrim itself). This guide also involves some advanced modding concepts. I strongly suggest that you take some time to read through the full guide and get acquainted with the tools you will be using before actually getting started. Expect the process to take several sessions, but remember the goal is to play the game and enjoy it.

As Lexy says, this is not your fathers’ Skyrim. This guide is intended to provide a much more challenging experience. Up until around level 30, you will be challenged. At around level 30, it will level off until around level 50, then increase in difficulty even further. Unless you are an extremely experienced solo player, followers will almost certainly be required. Even some experienced solo players may want to adopt a follower or two after playing this mod list.

You must pay attention and follow instructions throughout the guide. The vast majority of issues you will run into are user error, though I am far from perfect and the occasional mistake may sneak in. You are free to use the mod list as a base and add or remove things to customize to your tastes, but I strongly advise that you install the complete guide and playtest to ensure stability before adjusting anything.

This guide is meticulously maintained and frequently updated. In its complete form, it is very stable. If you finish the guide and the game doesn’t work, you almost certainly made a mistake.

We have a Discord community that has a rule regarding tolerance towards those new to modding (within reason), but some willingness to help yourself is strongly preferred. I can also personally be contacted on Lexy’s Discord community by messaging @evertiro. Please note that if you are using my guide, support is officially provided through my Discord only.

As this guide is frequently updated, you will eventually have to stop modding and start playing, or you will end up restarting new characters before they can make it past Whiterun.

With that said, it’s time to get into the delightfully insane world of Skyrim modding!

Lexy’s or LOTD Plus?

The choice of whether you should use Lexy’s guide or mine is ultimately your call. While LOTD Plus started as a fork of Lexy's, it has since grown to be much more. With each update, we get a little farther from our roots and are quickly becoming a unique guide in our own right. That said, we still work in tandem with Lexy's team and share a significant amount of work. The biggest single difference between our guides (outside of graphics) lies in immersion. Lexy targets more modest computers and the end result is a fairly traditional gaming experience with some increased difficulty, while I target high-end computers and am a glutton for punishment. LOTD Plus is intended to be as immersive as humanly possible within the confines of a video game. You will be challenged, you may feel like some things are too much of a grind for you (e.g. needing to find wood to start a fire so you don't freeze to death), and you will, without a doubt, die more often than you're used to. If you're looking for a laid-back gaming experience, this isn't it. LOTD Plus is the New Game+/Dark Souls of Skyrim.

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