I've been considering jumping on Patreon for quite a while. Actually, I started thinking about it before I'd even chosen the name LOTD Plus for my guide. Back then, my guide was hosted on STEP and simply called Evertiro's Legacy of the Dragonborn Special Edition... basically taking a page from Lexy's book. When I finally decided that STEP wasn't the right home for my guide and chose the name LOTD Plus, the need for financial assistance became more apparent, but it still took quite a while for me to pull the trigger on Patreon.

But why Patreon? Because I love modding, but modding is nearly a full-time job! Right now, I'm a freelance developer. This means that a good chunk of my time (ideally) is spent working on projects for clients. This also means that my available time for modding is frequently sporadic and quite unpredictable. Being able to bring in enough money from donations allows me to treat modding as if it was being done for a client. Effectively, the more I can bring in, the more time I can dedicate to creating new mods and maintaining the guide, and the better the end results will be.