Ever since I announced the Legacy update, I've pushed transparency and honesty with my community. That ideal isn't something that I can "switch off" because it's momentarily inconvenient, and I value the community too much to risk on pride or vanity, so today I'm forced to bring you some less-than-ideal news. I want to make it clear that this news will in no way significantly impact any of our work. The guides will continue to be updated, and we'll continue to work on the Legacy update and Heritage.

Two days ago, I checked into the VA hospital with severe abdominal pain. I expected to find that it was nothing more than a kidney stone; I've had a few before and know what they feel like. The VA did a CT scan to look for a kidney stone and found one, but they also discovered something else: a tumor in my left kidney. The tumor is a little less than half the size of my kidney, it's not currently spreading, but is malignant. I spent the last day and a half at the hospital getting poked and prodded while they tried to determine the best course of action.

As of now, I'm scheduled for two surgical consults over the next three weeks, and they're planning to perform surgery in the second or third week of September. Ideally, they're hoping to be able to do the surgery laparoscopically, in which case the recovery should be fairly short: approximately two-four weeks. If that proves impossible, the doctor expects that they'll be able to still perform a successful operation with a four-eight week recovery period.

I'll admit that the "C-word" is more than a little terrifying. Right now, I'd rather go back to Iraq and take on a suicidal terrorist than deal with this, but that's not the cards I was dealt. Whatever else I may be, I'm a stubborn old ass and I refuse to let this dictate how I live my life. As far as I'm concerned, nothing changes. Admittedly, I may be less vocal for a while than normal, but I promise that barring any surprises I'm not going anywhere, and even if the worst does happen, I've put things in place to ensure that others are able to pick up the banner and carry on. LOTD Plus, Legacy, and the Widgit family will survive, regardless of whatever my personal future holds.

In more ways than one, this platform is my legacy; keep building a better Skyrim and build your legacy!