• Why create another guide?

    It's quite simple really; I created this guide because I wanted to! Until I created this guide, I always used Lexy's LOTD SE guide, which is a stellar guide in its own right. Lexy's guide, however, is built for her computer and tastes. I found myself frequently tweaking it to my preferences, improving the graphics, and the like. As such, I decided it was finally time to write a guide tailored to my tastes!

  • Why does this guide require so many tools?

    Because not all mods, or modders for that matter, are created equal. Building LOTD Plus involves many mods written by a wide array of authors. Some of the mods we use are designed for Skyrim LE and need to be updated to play nicely with SE. Some of the mods have unnecessary, redundant or conflicting edits that need removal. Some of the mods we only use part of, while a different mod picks up the slack. There are numerous reasons that a mod may need adjustment to ensure that your Skyrim experience is stable and consistent.

  • Why does this guide include "x" mod? I hate that mod!

    The guide includes that mod because I want it! Yes, I understand that not everyone is a fan of every mod. Yes, I know that some people won't like the way I choose to do something or a specific mod I decide to include. If you fall into that category, I apologize. I do try to accommodate the majority of my users, but I also know it's impossible to please every player all of the time. When it comes right down to it, this is my guide, so I decide what mods it includes.

  • Why doesn‘t this guide include "x" mod? It’s awesome!

    There are many reasons the guide doesn't include a particular mod. If I choose not to include a popular mod, it is most often due to a severe conflict with something I find more important, or because it doesn't fit my vision for the guide. It's also entirely possible that I don't know about your favorite mod yet. If you think a mod warrants inclusion, please feel free to let me know, the worst I can say is "no."

  • The guide is outdated -or- "x" mod isn’t using the latest version!

    It's entirely possible that the guide itself is out of date. While I'd love to be able to dedicate 100% of my time to modding, I do have to keep food on the table. Additionally, specific mods may be using an "outdated" version intentionally. If this is the case, it is usually due to a change in the mod, causing a breaking change in our use case.

  • Why isn’t Skyrim LE supported?

    There are two significant reasons that I have chosen not to support Skyrim LE. First, many of the mods included in this guide don't have direct equivalents available for LE. Second, I don't play Skyrim LE anymore and don't feel that it is worthwhile to have a second copy of Skyrim installed for no reason other than to make a small minority of users happy.

  • Why isn’t this guide hosted on STEP?

    When I first started working on this guide, I built it on STEP. Unfortunately, while figuring out the best ways to display and format my content, I discovered several issues that made using STEP, or any site build on MediaWiki, a massive headache. Technical limitations kept forcing me to adjust how I wanted to do things, MediaWiki kept making unsolicited edits to individual sections, and I finally decided that self-hosting was the solution to the problem.