This page includes rules and guidelines for those volunteers who serve as the public face of our community as Help Desk Minions and Moderators.

Help Desk Minions

Thanks for joining our team! If you have been asked to join the ranks of our Minions, that means that believe you have the knowledge and experience to help our community while keeping a level head. That's rare! Please keep the following guidelines in mind as long as you are representing our server.

What is the role of a Minion?

Minions exist to help guide users through the successful completion of the guide. We understand that building a successful modded Skyrim, particularly on the level that the guide promises, is difficult at best. Even many of our staff (including Evertiro) have run into issues that took serious work to resolve. However, the guide exists to give people the opportunity to play a heavily modded, but still stable, Skyrim, and we want to ensure that our users have every opportunity to experience that for themselves!

That said, there isn't a single person on staff who knows everything right off the bat. Even the Moderators and Admins make mistakes, miss things, or forget things. That's ok! If a user asks a question that you can't answer, don't take a guess... do your own research or ask in the staff room! It's better to make a user wait for two minutes than to give them bad information.

What to do when?

Help Desk Minions exist to help users, not discipline them. That said, you should make yourself familiar with all server rules and report violations to a Moderator for any necessary action. Please do not take it upon yourself to warn users, we have multiple levels of staff for a reason.


What is the role of a Moderator?

Those who have made it to Moderator have consistently shown both a willingness to aid users and the ability to do so with a level head. If you are on our Moderator team, your job is two-fold. In addition to the responsibilities of a Minion, you are intrusted with ensuring that the server rules are followed, and that channels are used for their appropriate purpose.

What to do when?

Our server operates on a "three-strikes" system for all but the most egregious offenses. What this means is that users should almost never be summarily banned. If a user is in violation of server rules, the following steps should be followed.

  1. Strike 1: The user should be sent a verbal warning through a direct message. There is no need to call a singular user out publicly. If the disruption is being caused by a group, the warning may be posted in channel.
  2. Strike 2: If a user has already received a verbal warning and continues to be disruptive or violate server rules, then any Moderator may mute the user for 24 hours.
  3. Strike 3: If a user continues to act out after a 24 hour mute, they may be banned (or temporarily banned) at the discretion of the Moderator.

Deleting Messages

While Moderators have been entrusted with the ability to delete messages, this should only be done when absolutely necessary. The following examples are the kind of content that should be removed from the server.

  • Excessive profanity: While we don't operate an explicitly family-friendly server, there are limits to good taste. If a user is posting things that are more profanity than substance or using profanity solely to use profanity, the post should be deleted.
  • Personal attacks: We strive to maintain a professional community, and personal attacks are never appropriate. If users feel the need to attack each other, they should take it to DM or another server. Any personal attack is grounds for an immediate 24 hour mute.
  • SPAM: We expect our users to be present either for help or to be active in the community. Posting links to other guides without context or reason, or repeatedly posting anything, is considered inappropriate and should be removed. The exception to this rule is any guide hosted under the Widgit name (currently: Lexy's, LOTD Plus, and Next Edition).
  • Sensitive information: We may have a tight-knit community, but that doesn't mean everyone has a right to know how to find you personally in the real world. Telling what state you live in is fine, posting your exact address or phone number is not. Any posts which give an unusual level of personally identifying information should be deleted.
  • Duplicate posts: If a user posts a question, then re-posts it in another channel, one copy of the question should be removed and the user should be reminded to only post things in the appropriate channel and be patient.

What if the problem isn’t covered by these guidelines?

Obviously we can't anticipate every possible problem, and some problems may not be covered by these guidelines. If you encounter an issue that you don't know how to handle, follow the appropriate chain of command: Minions ask a Moderator, Moderators ask an Admin. Remember that the server owner has the final say in all disputes and disciplinary actions. Additionally, these guidelines will continue to evolve as necessary, so check back often. Thanks!