So, finally finished the guide and I am speechless. I want to thank everyone whose patience and quick answers helped me to enjoy this game in a way I could never have thought is achievable. Looking forward to be a part of this great community and to be able to somehow return this kindness and […]


Going through the guide so far after reading it through before. There's nothing quite as extensive, comprehensive and well thought out as LotD Plus! Thanks so much @Evertiro for putting it together! Can't wait to get stuck into the game.


Huge thanks to @Evertiro and @DarkladyLexy and the rest of the brilliant minds that made this guide a possibility. And all of the folks on the help desk and moderators, @alsa for the widescreen pointers, @RoboticPlayer for helping me with load order issues, @Jiopaba for the general help questions you help answer and anybody else […]


I just looked at the npc spreadsheet and that alone makes you realise how much work Lexy and Evertiro do. It took me a week to download and install this the first time so gawd knows how much work you two have put in. Thanks so much for producing this awesome guide. And being great […]


Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for the guide and the support in getting it running. My poor breton miner is far, far from civilization and freezing her ass off, but the whole thing is running smooth as butter.


I finished the guide yesterday! It is undoubtedly a long process but it is infinitely worth it! The attention to detail is extremely impressive, this 600+ mod guide is a far smoother and more optimised experience than some games released today. I would like to personally thank the team, I appreciate the countless hours spent […]


So i have finished all but the finishing line and just want to say thanks to everyone who has worked on this. Having done lexys guide and keeping up with her for the last few months I can appreciate the layout on your website @Evertiro! I am excited to finally play it here shortly!